Suggested Reading & Other Sites to Explore


“Restoring At-Risk Communities: Doing It Together and Doing It Right” by Perkins, John
(The Official Handbook of the Christian Community Development Association)

“Theirs Is the Kingdom: Celebrating the Gospel in Urban America” by Robert D. Lupton

“Return Flight: Community Development Through Reneighboring Our Cities” by Robert D Lupton

“Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (and How to Reverse It)” by Robert D. Lupton

“Let Justice Roll Down” by John M. Perkins

Articles & Collections of Articles

Health and Development: Relocation
The Journal of the Christian Community Health Fellowship recent spent an entire issue on the topic of relocation.  Whether you are in the health professions or not, you’ll find the article very interesting and honest.

Web Resources

Christians Community Development Association
A good place to start here is on their philosophy page.

New York Times 2010 Census Explorer
If you want to see other pretty maps, these are among the best.  Open this in one tab and The Oval Project in another tab of your web browser for interesting comparisons and multiple ways to see the same city.

The Bible

John 1:1-14
1 John 4:1-2
Philippians 2:1-11 

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